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i really haven't lost much weight, but, today i fit into a size 8 skirt and a dangerfield size 1 dress. booyah!

Tiny Paws art from recently
beccachuness .... is all there

Tia Maria!

My Doggy

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.  For me they are the role model for being alive.  ~Gilda Radner

 Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.  ~Roger Caras


"Maggie" found a home today. They named her Tinkerbell.

Beautiful creature she is..

Those puppies and their parents are all gorgeous.



Sweet Jesus.

Fostering dogs

From the 24th - 27th december i am fostering 2 chihuahua puppies (4 - 5 weeks old) and their mother, from the animal shelter i volunteer at. :) THEY'RE SOOOO CUTE. So I took photos. my baby Tia doesn't seem to mind too much though i'm sure she'll be glad when they're gone!!

The mother came into the shelter pregnant and gave birth not long afterwards.

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i feel old.
Ha ha ... I just had a nanna nap for like an hour and a half. That's the second time this week! Oh dear.

Dude I have so much to do, i should not be writing this :(

Here's a recent picture of my baby.

Just being a dork.

he he he :) happy holidays

Penguin time. Public post woo!

Too Cute. The artist.

Tia had her first professional groom today! I was fairly impressed with her behaviour. :)

I celebrated my exam results last night with a bottle of champagne.

2007 Spring Session Teaching Calendar
Unit IdUnit DescriptionMarkGrade
400751Nursing and Healthy Communities75DISTINCTION
400752Knowing Nursing82DISTINCTION

2007 Autumn Session Teaching Calendar
Unit IdUnit DescriptionMarkGrade
400747Behavioural Foundations of Nursing Practice81DISTINCTION
400748Becoming a Nurse78DISTINCTION


I blitzed my exams!!!! yeah baby!!!! :) And I was in such a bad state for ALL of them!!!


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