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All she keeps inside isn't on the label

Fields of butterflies, reality escapes her

15 May 1985
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“Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.” - Andy Warhol

Hi there. I'm Becca.

What can I say.

I like penguins.

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I'm a typical Taurean and I was also born in the year of the Ox, on a Wednesday.

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I'm an artist. A Pescetarian. I volunteer at my local animal shelter twice a week.

I have a female Chihuahua named Tia. I love her.
I also have a cat, Snowey (female), 2 Cockateils (male and female) Basil and Kenny, and 2 female guinea pigs, Cher (sheltie/crested) and Sebrina/Seby (smooth coat).

I'm a pessimist. The glass is half empty. If you disagree with me, I'll probably manipulate you into agreeing with me.

I'll take love from any.gender.

Life is full of "wonderful" and "interesting" things and I think my journal reflects this.

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This journal is mine, so like it or not I'm gonna "angst" in it. This is LiveJournal. What do you expect?

* OMFG my dog
* BPD crap and angst
* art, on occassion
* bitchings about lower beings

I LOVE my friends to death. Loyalty is crucial if you want to be my friend. And honesty. And determination. You're in for a rocky ride.

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made by me.

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I draw dogs.

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