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kitten love
here's another shelter story.

the other day these two rough looking guys drove into the shelter. we thought 'oh no, what do these bogans want? lol'  ... anyway they were on a construction site working on a bridge or something. and they saw a tiny kitten being thrown from the top of the bridge, into the water. they got in the tinnie (little boat for you foreigners lol) and fished it out of the water. it was dead. then they RESSUCITATED the kitten. yes these big meaty blokes did CPR on a kitten, and brought it back to life. They brought it to us at the shelter. It was transferred to the vet to keep observations on it. But it was ok. Later two more meaty blokes came into the shelter to check up on the kitten as well.

Cute, right ?

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i cant believe someone would throw a kitten to its death off a bridge (well i can believe it but i hate to). but it also gives me some faith in mankind too.

If there wasn't such a great ending to this story I would have cried at the thought of what people had done.

people are

my heart just swells up with the thought of this big tough guy giving the kitten CPR.

I know! How awful. But for these guys to rush out in a boat and save it. . just, aww. Kitten heroes. <3

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