All she keeps inside isn't on the label

Fields of butterflies, reality escapes her

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What celebrity would your pet be? I'm Jennifer Lopez! Find out at

Jennifer Lopez

Dressed to Kill

Una bomba inteligente autentica, Tia is super-fly girl Jennifer Lopez!

Curvaceous and sassy and always more than willing to pawticipate with a few moves on the dance floor, Tia moves and grooves with the best of them. But that doesn't mean it's all fun and salsa for Tia—discipline and structure are key ingredients that have helped to put Tia on a fur-lined fast track. Family is of utmost importance for Tia , and she takes care of her brothers and sisters with the same dedication that she gives her little 'uns. To see and to be seen are significant parts of Tia's daily activities, and the real-life Cleopetra makes her rounds with confidence and flair, always preferring to hang with the more bold and beautiful members of the pack.

well, she IS latina...

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that sounds about right hehe

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