All she keeps inside isn't on the label

Fields of butterflies, reality escapes her

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your art is amazing!
i'd love to be added

Sorry to stick this in your comments (feel free to delete after reading), but I couldn't find any other way to send it.

I noticed a posting you responded to in the chihuahua group (locked to members only, so I couldn't post it there, and posted by someone whose journal is locked to friends, so I couldn't post there either... :D ) regarding the vet and the chihuahua. I live in Sun City West, where we get a bit more info on it in the local news than the national headlines bother to keep up with, and I though you might like to know the way the story ended:

Locally, word is the charges are simply being dropped.

I'd hate to see a decent vet hurt by people who honestly just meant to help in a seeming animal abuse case. If you have a chance, could you let the chihuahua or other groups where this was spread around, know? There's no way one can really control the damage once a false allegation like this one has spread around the 'web, but every little bit helps.



Also: Would you like to be pen pals?

oh sure why not :D but i am a bad lazy pen pal!

please feel free to add me.

Im from the chihuahua community. im sammy and daisy's mommy just for clarification. Please add me. :)

Hi! I saw your response to a comment in the copingwithlupus community, and was wondering if I might friend you - I spent a semester in Sydney, and I would give anything to move there, if only I could figure out how to deal with all of my medical issues/insurance. :-/ So I would love to have a contact in the Sydney area who can give me some insight into how specialists, tests, etc. work. Thanks!

that's no problem :) hehehe@icon !

im a nutjob, just warning you. ill do my best to get you the info you desire.

Hi! I'm Nicole. I found your journal through borderline. I added you. Add me back?

hi there..
i'm sorry to bug you. i was doing a search for shangalangshang (kelly) on google to see if i could find anything where she posted to someones LJ...and i came across hers.

a lot of her rl friends and pen pals (i was a pen pal of hers) are really worried about her as she has disspeared and went back to lance. and she seems to not be contacting anyone at all.

i was wondering if you've been lucky enough to hear from her lately? thanks!

oh my goodness!!! i was wondering where she was ... :/ crap. i'm worried!!!! i haven't heard from her lately. let me know if you do though :( i luv herrr!

Just curious if I could pay you something to get a pic of Wyatt done?


Let me know!



ok ... ok i'll do him next! haha damn the last 4 dogs ive done have been big dogs!!! this is about to be 5 :P

Hey Becca this is Crystal - will you have me back? I know I still owe you money from Bean's picture. I wanted to buy you something from your list but everything became a mess (as you can read I am no longer living with Mike). ANYWHO - add me?

i saw you in borderline. add meeee?

Hey Becca, it's Shizzy. I got a new livejournal (ugh FINALLY) and it would be superawesomesweet if you added this one instead of the old.


We seem to have a lot in common. I have a chihuahua too :) I really liked your profile and your beautiful.

hope it's okay I added you?

aww thankyou :)
course its ok! i added you back :D

Hey, I found you through an lj friend, and I really love your art:) Add me?

Add me becca? I used to be bloodyknees on lj but I created a new journal. I'm also on your facebook as Kaitlin Atkin.

Hey Miss Becca! It's Kelly... I have a LJ again! Please add me?!?!
Hugs, Kelly

hey i was wandering around lj and stumbled across yours. unfortunately, i have borderline too. friends?

we have a couple of friends in common & i absolutely love your artwork, it's great.
- mind if i add you? :)

not at all!
thank you.
i'll add back.

Hi! I've seen some of your posts and have had a little snoop - I used to work at the RSPCA and am always interested in adding other animal lovers. :)

Love your site man keep up the good work

You were meant to blog. It has inspired me to start my own blog on barrie dentist

Hey Bec! How have you been? Anything new or exciting happenin in your neck of the woods? :) Hope you have a great rest of your day!

Great post! I want to see a follow up to this topic


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