All she keeps inside isn't on the label

Fields of butterflies, reality escapes her

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errr wtf... enable?

hefgsivbdsb chuuuuubecca

Re: errr wtf... enable?

you just need to log in!

add meeee, you're a cool deviantartisssst.....which obviously means you're a cool livejournaler toooo

pweasssse *pouts sweetly*

who are you? you have no updates.
you go to uow?

hey i responded to your post about doing charactures on sydney goffic recently, i wanted stuff for my band crackwhore. i would actually like you to design a crackwhore logo character sorta thing and pay you accordingly. more than what you were talking about the other day obviously.

if you are keen could we hook up to discuss or if you wanna come to our bra boredway gig this sat i could put you on the door list.

Found you via LJ schools list: just wondering what course are you doning at Enmore TAFE?

hello :)

im doing 3d animation. and joo ?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
do you think you could add me

found you on borderline. (lol...kinda sounds like I've founda lost puppy or something...hehe...)
add me?


Your dolls look so real to me. I love them.

Re: dolls

what dolls?

Hi! I had so many emails from you from my post in chihuahuas that I thought I'd check you out. I'm such a stalker, sorry! Anyway, we seem to have a bit in common and I wondered whether or not you'd like to be friends?

hi there!!
based om your icons alone i'd say yes :D

Hey there! May I add you? I found you on the Chihuahuas group. :)

I love your art, your aesthetic, and your love of all beings canine.
Add me?
I'm harmless.
: D

aww thankyou!!
i love your taste in dogs :D
ill add you.

ps. recieved your order, your pups soooo cuteeee

I've been seeing your posts in the chihuahua community pages for some time, and I love the pictures of the chis you provide. I've been thinking of getting one myself, but haven't found good pictures of my doggies yet.

I would so appreciate if you would add me to the friends list so I can read your posts other than just the ones you put on the community sites.


Hey Becca, it's Bailey, Bee, Ocean_highways. I thought I'd add you to this journal as well since I post in it much more frequently. :) I love your friends only banner. You find the cutest chihuahua pics.

Hi there! :) I found you on a search for BPD Australians. I've just been diagnosed and I'm trying to reach other 'normal' people in the same. Add me?

OMG!! YAY Dogs!! haah I have a Pom/yorkie & a Chi!
add me?

L♥ve your work and your layout, too! :) (Added.)

thankyou :)
your icon is adorable~ ! added back.

I'm a borderliner too, want to be friends? *falls over line*

I'm a cat person, just a warning. ;) I'm also a whiny dork. I'm sure you're falling all over yourself to add me now!

I like cats too :) that's totally ok. furry animals are yay.

Im whiny myself. :P added you!

Hey! I love your chi art, it's aborable. I was wondering if you could draw my little girl for me, I'll send you the pic later.

hi :)

email me at whenever you like and i'll add you to the list! i must warn you, it might take some time.

Found you on the chihuahua group. I love your art. I do some art myself but I cant draw dogs and definatly no where as cute as you can. I have cats at the moment but hope to finally have a dog within the next year as I have been wanting one forever but never had the right circumstances. Add me please.

hi! ive seen you in the community chihuahuas. and ive seen your art and i adore it. do you make custom pictures for people? i would like one of my dog if you do. i would pay you for it of course.

thanks, ariel

thankyou so much!! :)

go here! ... i do custom pics yes :) you need to fill an order form and i will add you to the list <3


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